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In compliance with Spain's Law 34/2002 on Information Society Services and E-Commerce (Official State Gazette (BOE in Spanish), nº 166, of 12 July 2002) we hereby publicly display information about the company to which this website refers: S.L., Rúa Nova 74, 27600 Sarria, Spain. Tax ID (NIF in Spanish) B27198183. E-mail: Tel. 982 53 11 20

GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR USE OF THE WEBSITE S.L. (hereinafter THE OWNER), with address for purposes of notifications at Rúa Nova 74, 27600 Sarria, Spain, and with Tax ID Number (CIF in Spanish) B27198183, is making available on its website ( certain content of an informational nature regarding its business activities. The present general terms and conditions solely and exclusively regulate use of THE OWNER's website by the USERS who access it. A link to the present general terms and conditions is displayed for the USER on each and every one of the pages at the website, so that these USERS can read, print, file, and accept them via the Internet and be fully informed.

Accessing THE OWNER's website implies unreserved acceptance of the present general terms and conditions of use, which the USER confirms having understood in their totality. The USER is committed to refrain from using the website and the services offered there to perform any activities that violate the law, and to respect the present general terms and conditions at all times.

FIRST. THE OWNER’s website has been produced, on one hand, for the purpose of making information about its activities available to third parties, as well as to allow contact to be made with THE OWNER to request additional information and, on the other hand, to allow the USERS to purchase the products being offered. Requests for the services or items being offered for purchase on the website shall be regulated by the specific general terms and conditions for contracting.


2.1. Use of THE OWNER’s website does not require any compulsory registration by the USER. The conditions for access and use of the present website are strictly regulated by the legislation in force and by the principle of good faith, and the USER is committed to proper use of the website. Any actions that violate the law, or the rights or interests of third parties, are prohibited: the right to privacy, information protection, intellectual property, etc. THE OWNER expressly prohibits the following acts:

2.1.1. Performing actions that could produce on the website, or through it by any means, any type of damage to THE OWNER’s systems or those of third parties.
2.1.2. Performing without proper authorization any type of advertising or commercial communication, either directly or surreptitiously; sending of bulk emails (“spaming”); or sending of large messages with the purpose of blocking network servers (“mail bombing”).

2.2. THE OWNER may interrupt access to its website at any time if any illegal usage is detected, or any violation of good faith or of the present general terms and conditions (see fifth clause).

THIRD. CONTENTS: The contents incorporated into this website have been produced and posted by:

3.1. THE OWNER, by using internal and external sources in a manner such that THE OWNER shall only be liable for the contents produced internally.

3.2. The USERS, by means of collaborations or voluntary posting of content, whether graphic and written, and directly or indirectly through links, with such USERS being solely responsible for such content and with THE OWNER expressly waving any and all liability. Any USER who posts any content on the OWNER’s website declares the absolute legality and authorship of such content, and expressly assumes all types of liability that could derive from these contents. THE USER shall also be liable for the opinions posted on the chat and forum features made available to the website’s USERS. In no case shall THE OWNER be liable for the opinions appearing in the cited forums, and may withhold or prevent access to any USERS who violate the legislation in force, and may also notify the Courts and Tribunals regarding acts that may represent any type of criminal or civil violation.

3.3. THE OWNER reserves the right to modify the contents existing on its website at any time. THE OWNER does not guarantee or take responsibility for proper functioning of the links to third-party websites that appear on

Furthermore, by means of the website the OWNER is making available to the USER both free and paid services offered by external third parties, which shall be regulated by the individual terms and conditions of each of these parties. THE OWNER does not guarantee the veracity, accuracy, or timeliness of the contents and services offered by third parties, and expressly waives any and all types of liability for damages or losses that could derive from a lack of accuracy in these contents and services.


4.1. In no case shall THE OWNER be liable for:

4.1.1. Malfunctions or incidents that may take place during communications, or deletions, or incomplete transmission, in a manner such that the continuous operation of the services of the website cannot be guaranteed.

4.1.2. The production of any type of damages that the USERS or third parties may cause at the website.

4.1.3. The reliability and veracity of the information posted by third parties on the website, whether directly or by means of links. Furthermore, Rótulos Sarria S.L. will notify the competent authorities regarding these incidents and will collaborate with them, at the time at which reliable knowledge is obtained that the damages caused may represent any type of illicit activity.

4.2. THE OWNER reserves the right to suspend access, at its own discretion and without prior notice, and either definitively or temporarily, until it is possible to ensure effective liability for the damages that may have been produced. Furthermore, THE OWNER will notify the competent authorities regarding these incidents and will collaborate with them, at the time at which reliable knowledge is obtained that the damages caused represent any type of illicit activity.

FIFTH. AUTHORSHIP RIGHTS AND TRADEMARKS. THE OWNER’s website (the actual contents, the programming, and the website design) are fully protected by authorship rights, and any reproduction, communication, distribution, and transformation of these protected elements is expressly prohibited, except with the express consent of THE OWNER. The materials, whether graphic or written, sent by the USERS via the means made available on the website, are the property of the USERS, who by sending them declare their legitimate authorship and agree to cession of the reproduction and distribution rights to the OWNER.

SIXTH. APPLICABLE LAW AND JURISDICTION. The present general terms and conditions are regulated by the legislation of Spain. The Courts of Sarria are competent to resolve all controversies or disputes that may derive from the present general terms and conditions, with the USERS expressly waving access to any other forum that may correspond to them.

SEVENTH. In the event that any clause from the present document is declared void, the other clauses shall remain in force and shall be interpreted by taking into account the intentions of the parties and the purpose of the present terms and conditions. THE OWNER may choose not to execute any of the rights and authorities conferred in this document, which shall in no case imply a waiver of these, unless this is expressly recognized by THE OWNER.